FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains the FAQ, which is a collection of answers to the most frequently asked questions. It will help you to relatively quickly find answers to questions you are looking for. If any additional questions arise during your consideration of employing our services, this section should provide you with the corresponding answer 🙂

This section undergoes continued development and dynamic expansion. We endeavor to present answers to the most frequent questions in a simple and clear form. During the development of the FAQ a separate tab will be created: What questions to avoid 🙂

Let us begin …. 🙂

  1. What is forwarding?
    Forwarding encompasses actions undertaken in order to organize the shipment of goods entrusted to a forwarding agent from point A to point B in a specified time.
  2. What is the difference between forwarding and transport?
    The forwarding agent has the necessary knowledge and contracts signed with many carriers (transport companies), in order to optimize shipping costs for thee given type of cargo, taking into consideration the delivery time requirements. The forwarding agent always represents and acts in the interest of the cargo owner, not the carrier, securing the owner’s interests at every stage. The forwarder first advises their customer on the best delivery options, and later keeps watch over the goods up to the time of completing the transport. The forwarder may carry out many other additional actions on behalf of the customer, such as insurance, customs clearance, securing payments for goods, any much more.
  3. What is a consignment note?
    It is a document confirming acceptance of goods for transport (transport agreement). It specifies the goods, as well as the method of transport. There are several types of consignment notes.
  4. What is a freight rate?
    It is the agreed amount for shipping the cargo in question. In the transport industry we use NET prices.
  5. What do you do?
    Our company deals in the provision of comprehensive forwarding and logistic services for business and individual customers. Our primary area is the European Union and eastern block countries.
  6. How long have you been operating on the forwarding market?
    PATKAR HOLDING GROUP in its current form has existed only for a while, but representatives of our Management Board have been working in the industry since 1995. They have over 20 years of professional experience in the field of forwarding and logistics. We also have numerous shares in smaller transport companies which we decided to invest in.
  7. Do you have the proper licenses and certificates?
    Our company has all the appropriate licenses and certificates to conduct forwarding activities. We see to it that they are continuously renewed and supplemented. Additionally, all our documents are available for review on our website. If you need special licenses which we do not have at the moment, we can consider their acquisition.
  8. Why should I choose your company?
    The most important reasons in favor of choosing our company are that every customer is treated like our friend, provided they do not treat us like an enemy 🙂, we do not only provide transport, but also relations, we offer honesty and a partnership based cooperation, as well as a guarantee of you receiving the best possible service for an appropriately low price.
  9. Why are certain prices higher than the competition’s?
    Our company does not use dishonest practices and always provides the price you pay without any hidden additional costs, e.g. Tunnels, ferries, highways, etc. Additionally, we work only with reliable carriers based on a modern fleet which ensures provision of the service at a high standard. Additionally the modern fleet increases the prestige of your cooperation and ensures maximum safety and best transport conditions.
  10. Is it possible to talk personally with your representative and/or employee?
    We know that sometimes in order to better arrange cooperation or conduct successful negotiations it is required to meet face to face. We are open to such situations. If you wish to meet with us, please let us know and together we will agree on a date suitable for you. We ensure a pleasant and friendly atmosphere and in case of longer stays we will accommodate you at a neighboring luxury hotel 🙂
  11. Why do you not have a separate price list of offered services?
    We do not have a ready and fixed price list of our offered services, as due to the specific nature of the industry it is impossible to develop. Such a price list would need to be very extensive and subject to continuous changes practically on a daily basis. For that reason, in order to receive a price quotation, please contact our office.
  12. If I call you and/or send a request for quotation, how fast can I get an answer?
    After receiving an inquiry our employees will contact you within 3 hours in order to discuss the specifics of your inquiry. We will send a prepared quotation via e-mail.
  13. Will you grant me an extended payment term?
    YES, we grant deferred payment terms, but never at the beginning of cooperation. We provide a possibility of extended payment terms only to our regular customers through a review procedure.
  14. Do you have ready templates of forwarding orders and contracts?
    Our company has special generated links to direct orders and on-line orders. Forwarding contracts are prepared individually, according to individual arrangements and negotiations and are concluded electronically.
  15. Does the customer’s size matter to you?
    Every customer is important to us. If they want to grow together with us and relies on us, we treat them as a friend and offer our advice and legal assistance. Regardless of how small or large the customer, we are always there to help. Several of our customers have spread their wings very wide while working with us.
  16. What does it mean, that you associate customers?
    Due to the specific nature of our trade and the company’s new concept, we are able to associate contractors who could establish trade cooperation with one another. Of course we only associate tried and trusted contractors, because those are the only ones we work with.
  17. What does ADR stand for?
    The abbreviation ADR stands for the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road. This agreement regulates the rules and conditions of transporting such types of cargo in order to ensure maximum safety. The ADR agreement is also applied to domestic transport.
  18. Do you have insurance as a forwarding company?
    Yes, we have special insurance intended for forwarding companies. We always provide this document at the customer’s request. It financially protects the customer’s cargo, however up to a specific amount and subject to specific conditions.
  19. Is the cargo entrusted to you safe?
    Every shipment entrusted to us is automatically financially protected against possible loss in two ways. Our company as the forwarding agent buys out Forwarder Liability Insurance, while the carrier in charge of handling the cargo buys Carrier Liability Insurance. Both documents insure the cargo on two levels.
  20. Does the size and type of cargo pose a problem for you?
    The size and type of cargo is not of huge significance to us, as we have access to all possible means of road transport, including specialized vehicles for oversized cargo and food transport. Regardless of the type of goods you wish to ship – small or large, how far – domestically or within Europe, wee provide you with the appropriate forwarding solutions.

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